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How to Activate Music Easter Egg
'Dead Again'

To activate the song 'Dead Again' by Kevin Sherwood on Der Eisendrache you will need to find and interact with 3 teddy bears located around the map. You can find them in the following areas.

1st teddy bear can be found in Samantha's Bedroom sitting on the chair by the desk.

2nd teddy bear can be found in the the Jail Cell (near Jugger-nog) on some wooden boxes.

3rd teddy bear can be found down at the Rocket Launch pad. If you haven't already visited the Rocket Launch pad then you will need to use the Teleporter to get down there. Once there, head out to the Rock Launch pad, go to the truck on the right and in the driver seat window is the teddy bear. 


The song can only be played once per game.

If you require a video guide then the video below will show you how to activate the song and also let you listen to the full song.

To be added soon!

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